Aircom Launch

Westwood Technical in partnership with Engie are proud to announce the launch of our new communications device Aircom™.

Aircom™ is a self-contained, battery-powered communications device capable of transmitting data from assets in the most remote and challenging locations.

Some of Aircom’s key features include:

• No communications data charges via LoRaWAN
• ATEX Zone 0 applications
• IP68
• Battery life of 10+ years (dependant on transmission rates)
• Powers the instruments it connects to
• User friendly configuration with our Bluetooth Mobile App

Whether you need data from instruments across the globe; or to turn a site wireless Aircom can be applied to your specific needs for applications in gas utilities, water utilities, environmental, general industry and any application to connect data to the Internet of Things.

For more information please see click the Aircom icon below or contact one of our team who would be happy to help and arrange for a demonstration.